Toys''R''Us: US Master Q&A

1. Is my local store still open?

2. Will there be a going-out-of-business sale?

3. Will you still host store events, including Babies First Easter events?

4. Can I still make purchases through the website?

5. What happens if I placed an order online, but haven’t received it yet? Will it still be delivered?

6. I ordered goods on and it is very delayed. When will it come?

7. Will customers be able to use their loyalty rewards toward purchases?

8. Will customers be able to continue to earn loyalty rewards?

9. What if I have accumulated points that have not been paid out? Can I get my points sent out to me now/early?

10. Will customers who signed up for a Toys“R”Us credit card still receive the same benefits?

11. Will we still be accepting gift cards during this closing?

12. Will we still be accepting coupons during this closing?

13. What about Geoffrey Birthday Club?

14. What about the coupons distributed in the recent direct mail/Easter catalog?

15. Can I redeem my gift card or coupon for cash?

16. Will closing stores be able to complete price adjustments for purchases made before the announcement?

17. What are return policies at closing stores?

18. Will there be special pricing, promotions or policies?

19. Who will handle customer complaints at the closing stores?

20. What will happen to items on layaway at affected stores?

21. What happens to my registry at Babies“R”Us?